Geoanalytics’ IRODS connector

The code is here.  The documentation is here.

The IRODS connector makes Geoanalytics, and really Django in general able to access IRODS through the icommands interface.  All the icommands are setup as Celery tasks so that they don’t block your server worker processes, and so you can distribute iRODS tasks across multiple machines.  What is IRODS, you ask?  Well, somewhat informative is, but if that doesn’t make sense to you, suffice to say it’s a relatively easy to use system for

  • Exposing a filesystem securely over the internet
  • Archiving data
  • Attaching metadata to files
  • Attaching rules to files, directories, users, and groups that will manipulate data.   This can be used for things like:
    • Change the format for a particular user when s/he  accesses a file
    • Move or delete a file when it ages out of usefulness
    • Start a process when a particular collection of files is present.