Web client toolkit

Provide templates and integration for client-side rendering and data collection APIs.
Provide a rapid application development platform for mapping server side data.

Core client

The default set of scripts, stylesheets, and templates to include in the project makes up the Core Client.
   OpenLayers – Feature rich library for layering geographic data into a map window, including map controls, drawing, Google, OSM, and Bing maps support.
   JQuery – High level Xquery like DOM manipulation and AJAX client library.
   JQueryUI – Library for styling HTML elements as familiar UI elements.
   Date.js – High level additions to the default Javascript Date object, including flexible and typo-tolerant parsing.
Mobile client
In addition, the mobile libraries specifically format an application for a mobile smartphone.
JQueryMobile – Theming, touch support, retina display detection, and orientation change support.
PhoneGap – Build native apps using HTML5 on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and expose native code to JS, including access to:
   Contacts, Email, Calendar, push messages, SMS
   Barcode scanner, Sockets